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Li Rnwo

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Genres: Drama, Romance

Cast: Kelly Preston, Greg Kinnear, Bonnie Johnson, Rhoda Griffis, David Lipper, Anne Lockhart, Lance E. Nichols, Courtney Pennington, Nick Searcy, Kate Vernon

Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Writers: Nicholas Sparks (screenplay), Jeff Van Wie (screenplay),

IMDB rating: 5.7/10 from 42,144 users    Metascore: 33/100

IMDB link: tt1294226


Ronnie’s (Miley Cyrus) and her younger brother, Jonah’s, parents are divorced. They live with their mother until this summer when they are sent to live with their father (Greg Kinnear) in a small town on the beach. Ronnie resents her father and has no intention of being friendly or even talking to him for the summer. But after meeting a handsome guy and beginning to fall in love, Ronnie starts rediscovering her love for music, something she shares with her father. Reconnecting with music revives a kinship with her father which proves to be the most important relationship she may ever experience.

Cast: Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba, SofíA Vergara, Amber Heard

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Writers: Kyle Ward (screenplay), Robert Rodriguez (story),

IMDB rating: 5.7/10 from 40,886 users    Metascore: 41/100

IMDB link: tt2002718


During an operation of a Mexican Cartel, Machete Cortez and Sartana Rivera intercept the criminals alone, but another group arrives and a masked man kills Sartana. Machete is arrested, accused of killing his beloved Sartana and Sheriff Doakes hangs Machete. But the President of the USA Rathcock pardons and recruits Machete to kill the revolutionary Marcos Mendez that has threatened the USA with a missile with a bomb. Machete goes to San Antonio to meet the Miss San Antonio Blanca Vasquez that will be the liaison between Machete and President Rathcock. Then Machete goes to the brothel of Madame Desdemona to seek out the prostitute Cereza that is Mendez’s mistress. Machete meets Mendez and learns that his heart is connected to the missile and only the arm dealer Luther Voz is capable to disarm the bomb. Now Machete needs to bring Mendez to the USA in less than twenty-four hours and save his new country in a dangerous journey with betrayals.

Genres: Comedy, Biography

Cast: Jean D’Ormesson, Catherine Frot, Hippolyte Girardot, Arthur Dupont

Director: Christian Vincent
Writers: Etienne Comar (screenplay), Christian Vincent (screenplay),

IMDB rating: 6.3/10 from 2,572 users    Metascore: 61/100

IMDB link: tt2094877


Hortense Laborie is a celebrated chef living in the Perigord region. To her great surprise, the President of the Republic appoints her as his personal cook. She accepts reluctantly but once she has accepted her nomination, Hortense works her heart and soul to produce both a stylish and authentic cuisine. For a while, she manages to impose herself thanks to her sturdy character and despite the jealousies she arouses among the other chefs. For a while only, unfortunately for her and for… the President.

Genres: Drama, War

Cast: James Edwards, Race Gentry, L.Q. Jones, Robert Keith, Walter Kelley, Adam Kennedy, Scott Marlowe, Michael Miller, Vic Morrow, Robert Normand

Director: Anthony Mann
Writers: Philip Yordan (screenplay), Ben Maddow (screenplay),

IMDB rating: 7.4/10 from 1,246 users 

IMDB link: tt0050699


In Korea, on 6 September 1950, Lieutenant Benson’s platoon finds itself isolated in enemy-held territory after a retreat. Soon they are joined by Sergeant Montana, whose overriding concern is caring for his catatonic colonel. Benson and Montana can’t stand each other, but together they must get the survivors to Hill 465, where they hope the division is waiting. It’s a long, harrowing march, fraught with all the dangers the elusive enemy can summon. Who will survive?

Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Christopher Lambert, CiaráN Hinds, Idris Elba, Anthony Head, Cristian Iacob, Jacek Koman, Violante Placido, Vincent Regan, Johnny Whitworth

Directors:Mark Neveldine (as Neveldine), Brian Taylor (as Taylor)
Writers: Scott M. Gimple (screenplay), Seth Hoffman (screenplay),

IMDB rating: 4.3/10 from 68,818 users    Metascore: 32/100

IMDB link: tt1071875


Johnny Blaze, a man who made a deal with the Devil who called himself Mephistopheles at the time (now Roarke), is on the run trying to make sure no-one is harmed by his alter ego, The Ghost Rider. He is approached by a Monk named Moreau who tells him that he can help be him free of the Rider, but first, he needs Johnny’s help to protect a boy, whom Roarke has plans for, to help him take human form.

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Cast: Lacey Chabert, Tim Meadows, Julia Chantrey, Kristen Bone, Lizzy Caplan, Nicholas A. Catalano, Jo Chim, Kaylen Christensen, Eve Crawford, Nicole Crimi

Director: Mark Waters
Writers: Rosalind Wiseman (book), Tina Fey (screenplay)

IMDB rating: 7.0/10 from 180,480 users    Metascore: 66/100

IMDB link: tt0377092


Raised in African bush country by her zoologist parents, Cady Heron thinks she knows about survival of the fittest. But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when the home-schooled 16-year-old enters public high school for the first time and encounters psychological warfare and unwritten social rules that teenage girls face today.

Genres: Action, Thriller

Cast: GréGoire TaulèRe, Abdelkrim Bahloul, Philippe Bas, Antoine Basler, MéLanie Bernier, Yin Bing, GréGori DerangèRe, Vincent Elbaz, Marie Guillard, Kader Kada

Director: Julien Leclercq
Writers: Simon Moutairou, Julien Leclercq,

IMDB rating: 6.1/10 from 2,374 users    Metascore: 55/100

IMDB link: tt1793239


Based on a true story, a SWAT team is tasked with storming a high-jacked Air France plane to save its passengers.

Cast: Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott

Director: Andy Fickman
Writers: Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse

IMDB rating: 6.0/10 from 18,088 users    Metascore: 36/100

IMDB link: tt1047540


Old school grandfather Artie (Billy Crystal), who is accustomed to calling the shots, meets his match when he and his eager-to-please wife Diane (Bette Midler) agree to babysit their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents (Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott) go away for work. But when 21st century problems collide with Artie and Dianes old school methods of tough rules, lots of love and old-fashioned games, its learning to bend and not holding your ground that binds a family together

Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Cast: Gavin Yap, Christina Orow, Jay Sheldon, Max, Steven Bone, Kennie Dowle, Adila Shakir, Diong Chae Lian, Brian Zimmerman, Colin Chong

Director: Aun Hoe Goh Writer:Jeffrey Chiang

IMDB rating: 4.4/10 from 688 users 

IMDB link: tt1891905


Pup, a bamboo shark, discovers egg sacs while playing around the ocean with his friends. When he sees human poachers stealing the eggs from his reef, Pup makes it his mission to save his family. As he leaves the sea and enters the beautiful, yet dangerous, world of humans he’ll prove he isn’t too small to save his family.

Cast: Matthew G. Taylor, George Buza, Tony Munch, Jessica Paré, Earl Pastko, John Wildman, Andrew W. Walker, Dean Williams, Andrey Ivchenko, Ada H. Chan

Director: Wyeth Clarkson
Writers: Wyeth Clarkson, Charles Johnston,

IMDB rating: 4.5/10 from 414 users 

IMDB link: tt1591496


A lone Mountie has come to town to clean up the crime and corruption after finding an innocent man dead. As he sets up home, in town, he discovers endless amounts of illegal activity taking place behind closed doors. Once he uncovers the men behind the crimes he prepares to take them down one by one in the most vicious showdown this town has ever seen.