Chengdu medical college established in the smoke of gunpowder of artillery fire of war of liberation in 1947, it was a health school of Military Area Command of Anhui Jiangsu of Henan Province in initial stage, renamed as PLA medical higher junior college in Chengdu in 1993, merged into the third army medical university in May of 1999, rename as the third medical college of army of Chengdu of army medical university, is under the jurisdiction of the army to work out for a long time. In August of 2004, with the approval of the State Council of China, Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee, were transferred in Sichuan Province and present name wholly, it is fulltime higher medical universities and colleges of undergraduate course. The institute takes teaching of undergraduate course as the core, face China and enroll new students, train all kinds of high-quality, practical medical and health talents for the society. The institute is located in the north suburb of Chengdu, adjoin 3rd Ring Road, easily accessible. The campus trees are lush and green, evergreen all the year round, with beautiful environment, it is the good place of the study and life.

Institute divide into basic medical college, cultural and educational social sciences portion, clinical department of medial science, department of pharmacy, medical science examine department, medical the intersection of image and department and the intersection of nursing and the intersection of department,etc. and 7 institutes ‘ Department) ,Open have clinical medicine, nursing, medical science examine and pharmacy, medical image study, employ psychology, the intersection of medicine and preparation, the intersection of biotechnology and 8 ‘ Specially) Speciality and a plurality of professional directions of department. There are all kinds of more than 5000 students at school now.